Variable Data Printing

Stand out with personalization.

What is Variable Data Printing?

GG Media has solutions to help personally connect messages and customers. By using data unique to each recipient (i.e., name, address, documented-preferences, photos), each printed communication individually addresses each recipient personally.  After all, don’t we all prefer the personal touch every now-and-again?  The levels of personalization are endless ranging from simple salutations to complex customization.

What can variable data printing be used for?

Primarily used as a message-customization tool for direct marketing and event participation, variable data printing is used to create a unique, personal connection between businesses and recipients. Variable data printing pieces are not only used to send unique communications to each person on a mailing list, but are also used to determine the effectiveness of a message.

  • Do highlighted phrases in a message evoke more responses? 
  • Does one text color inspire more action than another?
  • Do the features/benefits resonate differently with men and women?  Millennials and baby boomers?

Variable data printing is used to help each client maximize messaging investments.

Variable Data Printing Samples:

The possibilities are endless! Personalized one-to-one messaging can capture attention and increasing response rates. Imagine using content that’s relevant and unique to each customer—that attention has a much better chance to turn into action than with the traditional direct mail piece.

Variable Data Printing Samples:

Printing Solutions

Collateral Printing

On-demand printing of flyers, business cards, brochures, door hangers, menus, table tents, stickers, posters, forms, magnets and more…

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Publication Printing

Reliable and consistent color printing from proof-to-press, run-to-run of newspapers, magazines and newsletters for short or large runs.

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Identity Printing

Printing solutions with variable data to customize parking permits, ID tags, membership cards, race credentials and more.

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